We offer numerous possibilities of customization, aiming to create unique ovens true to the image, preferences, and personality of its owner/baker.All our stoves can work to firewood, gas, and electricity, we even create ovens of combined potency, (firewood / electricity or firewood, gas…).Making good bread is an art. We believe that master bakers need a work tool that allows him to reach the excellence levels necessary to fulfill the needs & expectations of a more and more demanding market. come to know our ovens, we are the best ally for your work.Contact us and we will guide you through to the oven that best suits you.


Classic Range

Mixed construction in brick and steel

The authentic and original one; mixed construction in brick and steel; concrete turntable, and indirect polyvalent heat.

Main features

  • Oven of great thermal accumulation.Minimal maintenance.High energy efficiency.Possibilities of Personalization.

Available Models

Platform 1,75 m. diameter
Cooking surface 2,40 m2
Outside Width 2,00m
Outdoor Background 2,50 m.
High Exterior 2,80 m.
Platform 2,00 m. diameter
Cooking surface 3,14 m2
Outside Width 2,60 m.
Outdoor Background 2,80 m.
High Exterior 2,80 m.
Platform 2,50 m. diameter
Cooking surface 5,00 m2
Outside Width 3,10 m.
Outdoor Background 3,30 m.
High Exterior 2,80 m.
Platform 3,00 m. diameter
Cooking surface 7,00 m2
Outside Width 3,60 m.
Outdoor Background 3,80 m.
High Exterior 2,80 m.
Platform 3,50 m. diameter
Cooking surface 10,00 m2
Outside Width  4,10 m.
Outdoor Background  4,30 m.
High Exterior 2,80 m.
Platform 4,00 m. diameter
Cooking surface 12,00 m2
Outside Width 4,60 m.
Outdoor Background 4,80 m.
High Exterior 2,80 m.

Decó Range

Furnaces, steel, transportable

Steel furnaces, transportable; Automatic turntable and indirect multi-purpose heat. Authentic bread anywhere.

Main Features

  • Flexibility of production.Great performance per m2 of cooking.Easy to use.Customization Options

Main Features

Platform 1,25 m. diameter
Cooking surface 1,22 m2
Outside Width 1,50 m.
Outdoor Background 1,86 m.
High Exterior 2,20 m.
Platform 1,50 m. diameter
Cooking surface 1,76 m2
Outside Width  1,75 m.
Outdoor Background 2,10 m.
High Exterior 2,20 m.

Rustik Range

Main Features

Ceramic masonry kiln where cooking and burning occur in the same space. The traditional pizza oven.

Main Features

  • Great thermal accumulation.Easy cleaning.Easy to use.Measures adaptable to the needs of the client.